Le love

Egentligen borde inte detta publiceras men efter mycket positiv feedback från the Olive är det okej, egentligen menat för Le Love:

I read these wonderful, and often sad, stories about other peoples lifes and what I always keep going back to is thinking: How lucky are these people who have felt love? Very. Or extremly. I have waited for six years for someone real to notice me, in the way everybody seems to have been noticed. I mean, I haven't even been kissed. I mean for real, beacuse of love. How does this feel, to have love in your life, and I don't mean from friends and family, I mean from someone else? I can only imagine. And late at night, if I ever have trouble sleeping, my thoughts start to wander. I ask myself questions like: Is it possible that I for some reason don't deserve this? And maybe one person on this earth is supposed to be without, is that me? Please don't let it be me.
My friends keep saying that my time will come. That I will find love, but after a while with the same encouragements and nothingelse you get tired. You stop believing that it will ever happen to you. I start to question the advice my beloved friends give me. All of them have been in relationships with true, not neccessarily easy, love. So how can they know what to tell me. They haven't ever been or felt like this. But despite my feelings I belive that anyone else can find love, so promise me that if he accidentily on purpose touches your hand - grab his. If the way she looks at you is something more, undiscovered - please find out. Don't waist, never regret. Beacuse it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, beacuse not feeling love really sucks.

The truth.

Postat av: Olivia

Som sagt, det jag sa igår menade jag till 100%! Beautiful, very beautiful.

Och mitt mission ska genomföras, om jag så ska behöva TVINGA DIG!


2010-03-27 @ 19:17:20

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